Fitbit stopped syncing

So I realized the other day that my Fitbit wasn’t syncing anymore. Actually, it wasn’t rocket science. I signed up for the Fitbit notifier service awhile back and it works great. If you use a Fitbit, I highly recommend it. It will contact you via email or SMS if your battery runs low or your Fitbit fails to sync for a certain period of time. (I found 48 hours works for me) Anyway, I first noticed that the time was off by about 30 minutes and then I got the email saying my Ultra had gone AWOL. According to this page, I thought it might need to be reset, but that didn’t help. I was baffled because the taskbar icon showed that everything was working. I finally tried an old reliable tech tip. I swapped USB ports and bingo! I have used the same trick to bring keyboards and mice back online too. Just thought I’d throw it out there in the hopes that it might help someone else.

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